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Friday, December 14, 2012

John Taylor's Revelations: June 28, 1882

Revelation Received on June 28, 1882, at Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.  (John Taylor Papers, LDS Archives).  "This revelation reassured the leaders of the [Council of Fifty] and of the Church that the Lord controls the destiny of nations, his Church, and his kingdom" (Holzapfel and Jones, "'John the Revelator': The Written Revelations of John Taylor", BYU Religious Studies Center,

Am I not King of kings, and Lord of lords?
2 Do I not rule in the heavens above and in the
earth beneath, as I will, saith the LORD?
3 And though men do not acknowledge Me, yet
do I control them; and I will control them
according to My will and purposes;
4 And I will make use of the kings of the earth,
and the rulers and powers of the earth to
accomplish My purposes, saith the Lord God your
Redeemer-- and none shall stay My hand.
5 And I will build up My kingdom as I have
heretofore decreed and made known through the
mouth of Mine holy prophets, so far as they have
declared My purposes pertaining thereto;
6 And I have many other things to make known
and to proclaim relative to My church, and to My
kingdom, and to the building up of My Zion on
the earth.
7 Behold, you are My kingdom, and rulers in My
kingdom, and then you are also, many of you,
rulers in My church according to your
ordinations therein.
8 For are you not of the First Presidency, and of
the Twelve Apostles, and some Presidents of
Stakes, and some bishops, and some high priests
and some seventies and elders therein?
9 And are ye not all of My church, and belong to
My holy Priesthood?
10 And then are ye not all of My kingdom, and
do you not belong to My kingdom, and are ye not
the representatives thereof, even My
11 And am I not your God, even your Redeemer
and your King?
12 Behold, I have told you to do as I command
you, and have I not a right to dictate in the affairs
of My kingdom?
13 And is it not incumbent upon you to obey Me
as your LORD, your lawgiver, and your King?
14 Behold thus saith the LORD, I will be obeyed
by My council, and if they do not acknowledge
Me, I will not acknowledge them, saith the Lord
of Hosts, the God and King of the whole earth.
15 Speaking of My church, behold I established
My church that I might reveal unto them My
word, and My will, and the law of the Gospel,
and the order of the Holy priesthood.
17 And I set in order My priesthood, even the
Aaronic and Melchizedek;
17 And I have sent forth Mine elders to the
world to preach this gospel of the kingdom to all
people and to gather Mine elect from among all
18 That a people might be prepared through My
gospel, through the manifestation of My Spirit,
even the Spirit of Truth, the Gift of the Holy
Ghost, the Comforter, and through the teachings
of My holy priesthood, and the revelations of My
will, to comprehend the law of My gospel;
19 To be one with each other, and to be one with
Me as I am one with the Father.
20 To comprehend and obey the principles of
righteousness, virtue, holiness, purity, and the
love and fear of God;
21 And to assist in building My Zion unto Me,
saith the Lord of Hosts, and to prepare for the
salvation and redemption of the world, even the
living and the dead.
22 And again, it required this gospel, this
priesthood, this revelation, this unity, this Spirit,
to introduce the kingdom of God, the law of God,
the authority and dominion of God, that the will
of God might be done on earth as it is done in
23 I rule now among the nations, but not by
their consent, and the rulers of the earth do not
know Me or My law, nor recognize My
24 They have their free agency and use it; so
have also My people, and they use their agency
through My gospel to serve Me, to obey My law,
and to build up My church and kingdom.
25 For outside of My church there is no people
on the earth who will listen to My law.
26 And if there was no people who would listen
to My law, how could I have a kingdom, and how
could I be their ruler?
27 I have established My kingdom to be a shield
and protection to My church, to learn and
comprehend My law, and to carry out My
purposes, that My will may be done on earth as it
is done in heaven;
28 The church through the law and Spirit of the
gospel to preserve the virtue and purity of the
29 And the kingdom to preserve and protect the
church from the aggressions of the wicked and
30 And behold, I do not want My own will, but
the will of My Father;
31 The same is My Father and My God, and your
Father and your God, and we are One: I in Him,
and you in Me.
32 Am I and My Father with the church? Yes.
33 Am I not your God, your Ahman Christ? You
so acknowledge Me.
34 My Father is King of kings, and Lord of lords.
35 I rule as My Father directs Me, and if ye rule
and direct according to My will, under the
direction of My servant who is your President
and head, are we not one, and is it not the rule
and government of God?
36 And any kingdom, or government, or
dominion that is not under My direction, and
does not acknowledge Me, I will not
acknowledge, saith the Lord of Hosts;
37 And if they fight against Me and My laws,
and My church, and My kingdom, they shall be
overthrown in Mine own due time, for I have so
Even so, Amen.

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