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Friday, December 14, 2012

John Taylor's Revelations: April 28th, 1883

Revelation Received through John Taylor on Saturday, April 28, 1883, at Salt Lake City, Utah Territory.  (John Taylor Papers, LDS Archives):

You have asked Me why your mind was confused
and dull within the last two days.
2 Verily thus saith the LORD, by the whisperings
of His Spirit, and the still small voice, that the
arrangement which you have contemplated with
My servant Thomas is not acceptable to Me.
3 He should have listened to your offer, which
would have been profitable to himself and
acceptable to Me.
4 When you rejected his offer, you did right, and
My Spirit was with you.
5 But when you, in your zeal to show that you
had faith in Me and in My word, accepted
propositions and assumed responsibilities which
were not in accordance with the order that I
showed you, you did wrong, and I withdrew My
6 For it is forbidden My Presidency to go into
debt unless I, the LORD, command it; for these
things lead to confusion and bondage.
7 Besides, have I not shown unto you, My
servant John, a way to raise a fund which should
be at your disposal for the accomplishment of My
purposes? --And by which the rights and
properties of My people should be preserved in
all of these matters?
8 You must abide by this principle.
9 My servant Thomas does not understand this
10 Confer with him on this subject, and if he can
see these things and follow counsel, he shall assist
you in the developments contemplated.
11 For you, nor My servant George Q. Cannon,
cannot attend to these details;
12 But if he, Thomas, cannot enter freely into
this matter without restraint, then shall you
arrange with him according to wisdom, and
withdraw from the consummation of the
contemplated arrangement.
13 Behold, I have shown unto you many things,
and I will continue to make know unto you My
will, from time to time, on things temporal as
well as spiritual; things pertaining to My church,
My kingdom, and My Zion.
14 And you shall be My mouthpiece, saith the
LORD, and I will greatly bless you, and lift you
up, and exalt you, saith the LORD;
15 For your words and works are acceptable
unto Me, and I know of your zeal and integrity in
My cause, and you shall be made a blessing to My
people, and your name shall be honored in Israel,
and in this nation, and among the nations of the
earth; for they that honor Me, I will honor.
16 And I will also greatly bless My servant
George Q. Cannon, who is acceptable before Me,
and who is exceedingly desirous to do My will.
17 And I will also bless My servant Joseph F.
Smith, whose heart and spirit are right before
Me, and who is also desirous to fulfill My law;
18 And these your counselors shall be greatly
blessed with you;
19 And you shall be My mouthpiece unto them,
and I will show unto them My will from time to
20 And you shall be one in spiritual things and
also in temporal things in due time.
21 And I will show unto My people, and unto
the world, that this world is Mine, and that I
created it by My power--
22 And the gold and silver and copper and brass
and iron and riches and precious things thereof,
and all that pertains thereunto are Mine--
23 And My people shall know that they are
Mine, and that they live in Me, and move and
exist in Me, and have their being from Me,
24 And that all which they possess is Mine, and
is obtained of Me, and that they are, and can only
be, stewards over that which I have given unto
them to possess, and which they could not have
only of Me and by Me;
25 Whether it relates to this earth and the
fullness thereof-- to wives, children, and friends,
to gold, silver, houses, lands, riches and
possessions pertaining thereto-- or to thrones,
principalities, powers, dominions and exaltations
in My eternal kingdoms.
26 And My Presidency shall be one, and the
Twelve shall be one, and the Presidencies of
Stakes and the High Councils shall be one.
27 And all of My holy priesthood in their several
quorums, standings, offices, and positions shall
be one, and all of My priesthood shall be united
as one.
28 And they shall be one with My people, and
My people shall be one with them.
29 And I will be one with them, and be their
30 Let every person, therefore, be diligent and
act in their several positions, callings or
priesthood, and honor and magnify the same, and
honor and obey Me, the Lord their God, and
respect and obey the counsels of My holy
priesthood, and I will honor and exalt them, saith
the LORD, in time and throughout eternity.
31 And as it regards My servant John Taylor, it is
not necessary for him to attend to the minutia or
details of either spiritual or temporal things, but
only to give general directions, or as I may
manifest from time to time.
32 And his counselors are to be his assistants--
and the First Presidency shall call upon the
Twelve, the presidents of stakes, the bishops, and
others to assist in these duties.
33 And I will raise up wise and prudent men,
from time to time, to assist in temporal as well as
spiritual things, for they are all one with Me.
34 And then let the Twelve call upon the
Seventies, and let the high priests, the councils,
the elders, and bishops and the lesser priesthood,
and all who labor for Zion, be diligent and
35 And let every man put in his sickle and reap,
and fulfill and magnify his calling, office or
36 These things belong to My priesthood, but
more properly to the School of the Prophets.
37 Let the School of the Prophets be organized,
even all such as are worthy.
38 But if they are found unworthy, they shall not
have a place in My school-- for I will be honored
by My priesthood;
39 And let My laws be made known unto them
as may be deemed expedient.

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