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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mormon Missionary Killed in Car Crash in Upstate New York

A Sister Missionary, Sister Vanessa Bentley, of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) was killed in a tragic car accident Tuesday while serving in the Utica New York Mission.  According to the 1 September 2011 issue of the Deseret News, "the accident occurred when the car carrying the two missionaries . . . attempted to make a left-hand turn.  the other vehicle hit the passenger's side of the missionary vehicle directly.  Sister Bentley was sitting in the passenger's seat" ("LDS Sister Missionary Killed in Accident", Deseret News, 1 September 2011, B2).

This is a tragic accident, but nothing with which we need trouble ourselves.  As Sister Bentley was where she was supposed to be, preaching the Gospel of the Son of God, we can be assured that Sister Bentley is doing the Lord's will, having received the eternal transfer which makes any missionary's mother proud.  As it was said of Elder David W. Patten of the Twelve, so it can be said of Sister Vanessa Bentley, "when [Elder Patten] shall finish his work I may receive him unto myself, even as I did my servant David Patten, who is with me at this time. . . . David Patten I have taken unto myself" (D&C 124:19, 130).

At this tragic time, I, Clark LeRay Herlin, leave my condolences with the Bentley family, knowing that the Son of the True and Living God watches over His Saints, and that His Atonement will console all at this time of mourning, giving the needed hope and strength and knowledge of a glorious resurrection.

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Anonymous said...

My daughter serves in Upstate New York and her Brother is currently in Provo training for his mission for Singapore, his letter today was filled with saddness for this Sisters family and mega love for ours. My heart felt prayers for them too, God lives, nad Families are for ever.

a missionaries mum from oz