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Monday, March 21, 2011

A Virtual Tour of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple

The newly rebuilt Nauvoo Illinois Temple is a marvel to behold.  It is the only Temple in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to have a bell tower.  The bell in the tower was cast in Holland, and is programmed to strike with the timing of the clock.

The recommend desk is at the front of the temple, where patrons show their recommends to enter the temple.

After showing the temple recommends, patrons can look into the Assembly Room.  I was told by a Temple Worker that the Assembly Room takes up approximately three-quarters of the ground floor of the temple, can seat 500 people, and is used twice a year for devotionals, and also on special occasions as directed by the President of the Church.  Below is pictured the East Pulpits of the Assembly Room on the first floor.  When the temple was dedicated on 27 June 2002 President Hinckley and Monson sat on the brown bench at the lowest West pulpits ("Dedication of the Nauvoo Illinois Temple", Lisle Brown,  The East Pulpits are pictured below, but the West are identical. 

After the Assembly Room has been seen in all its magnificence, the Spiral Staircase is then ascended.  The first tier of circular windows (the second floor) is where the dressing rooms are located.  After one is dressed, the Spiral Staircase is ascended again, this time to the second tier of arched windows where the Endowment Rooms are located.
The Spiral Staircase from just above the Second floor
On the Third floor is located all the Endowment Rooms.  The following are the rooms in order as seen during the Endowment.
Creation Room

Garden Room

World Room

Unfortunately, I could not find a picture of the Terrestrial Room for the Nauvoo Temple.  If anyone knows where I can find one, the help would be much appreciated.

Here is the Celestial Room.  Notice the Pentagrams and Morning Stars carved into the walls.  Also, a variation of the Sunstones are carved here, too.  If you look closely on the table in the center of the Room (with the flower as the centerpiece), you will notice that the feet of the table are rams' heads.  On a side note, when the Latter-day Saints rebuilt this temple, care was taken to ensure that the furnishings were as close to the look of the 1840s as possible. 

The Nauvoo Illinois Temple holds the prize as having the largest Baptistry out of all the Temples because the LDS Church simply reconstructed it as it was in 1846.

I hope the reader has gained a greater appreciation of the House of the Lord, the Endowments found therein, and Jesus the Christ.

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Ann Herlin said...

Loved sharing Nauvoo with you and Alicia.